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Meshtastic Node Box

Meshtastic Node Box

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Elevate your Meshtastic network with our 3D printed node box. Made from durable ASA filament and equipped with stainless steel hardware, this box is perfect for use as a repeater or home node. Slotted for a Heltec V3 LoRa 32 board and a GT-U7 GPS module. Can use single 18650 battery holder, up to four, or a single four slot battery holder. Enhance your range and stay connected effortlessly.

Box has standard N Type bulkhead connector to RG178. 

Dimensions are roughly 7.5" X 5.125" X 2.5". 

USB plug in bottom allows for connection to solar panel or external power supply.

These are made to order. Lead time 1-2 weeks.

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