"Act Accordingly"

From the great Wranglerstar - Act Accordingly. To me it means more than just a stance on a view, its becoming a way of life. Day to day the American man needs to act accordingly throughout his entire life. This means to do everything to the best of ones ability. Within your faith, whatever that may be, should extend to your family. Family is the center of a mans life. It can be his kids, wife, parents, grandparents, or whomever he shares his life with. A mans goal is to protect, provide, learn, and teach. The third pillar of a mans life is Resilience. The ability to withstand hard times; physical or mental. Hard times create hard men and I believe we are in hard times. No one can predict the future, but you an prepare for the worst. As a man I believe you are required to be capable to act accordingly, defend your faith and your family, and become resilient. This is what Arenaq stands for.
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